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Vanilla Pronto Moda – Ready-to-wear companies in Prato.

Vanilla Pronto Moda is a company that deals with Pronto Moda in Macrolotto in Prato. It is a company that deals with wholesale women’s clothing. All it produces is Made in Italy. This Brand expresses authenticity and femininity. It is one of the best brands when it comes to women’s clothing. There are many other companies in Prato, to know and visit them, do not hesitate to contact us.

Vanilla S.r.l. is a B2B women’s ready-to-wear clothing company from Prato which, thanks to its in-house team of designers, offers constantly evolving trends and novelties every day. Vanilla S.r.l. has developed its production chain with the aim of supplying both Italian and foreign clothing stores and chains through stable stylistic and production collaboration relationships.

We are able to put you in contact and make you known, visit and obtain samples from all the over 2000 companies present in the Macrolotto in Prato. We work with companies from all over the world, and collaborate with small, medium and large companies in the fashion field. If you are interested you can call the phone number at the top, on each page of the site, or write to our email:

The collections produced by the company Vanilla, are made to measure for the customer, customized and adapted, and are present in the best chain stores in Europe, receiving excellent acclaim and appreciation in terms of quality. At the base of the proposal of Vanilla there is a detailed choice of the material used, from fabrics to colors, always exclusively designed for a Made in Italy production entirely assembled on the territory, from which it draws all the experience, culture and beauty of Italian production.

Prato Fast Fashion works with all the companies present in the Pronto Moda in Prato, among them there is Vanilla. To stay up to date with photos of all kinds, and of each style of clothing (even of Vanilla) you can follow us on Instagram, or more simply you can write to us and you will be included in our newsletter. In this way, every week you can get all the photos, with the news of each company in the field of Pronto Moda in Prato.

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